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Rsupport to set up joint venture with NTT Docomo

Local software provider Rsupport signed a deal with Japan’s leading mobile phone operator NTT Docomo to launch a joint entity named “Mobidoors” on March 25, Rsupport said Wednesday.

“Rsupport’s specialized services and NTT Docomo’s global business experiences are expected to create synergy in technology, sales and brand power,” said Seo Hyeong-soo, CEO of Rsupport.

Through Mobidoors, Rsupport aims to sell its remote operation and support systems for smartphone users to global mobile carriers in North America, Europe and Asia in partnership with the Japanese telecom firm.

The company also plans to provide operational and maintenance support for the systems.

The joint venture will start out in Tokyo with 400 million yen ($3.8 million) of capital. NTT Docomo will have a 55 percent stake, Rsupport 40 percent and OrangeOne 5 percent.

Rsupport was invested with around 150 million won ($140,700) from NTT Docomo in December 2012, and has been providing its remote solutions for the telecom’s 5.3 million smartphone users.