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Actor Cha confirmed dating actress Hwang

South Korean actress Hwang Bo-ra, actor Cha Hyun-woo. (Fantasio)
South Korean actress Hwang Bo-ra, actor Cha Hyun-woo. (Fantasio)
South Korean actor Cha Hyun-woo, the younger brother of actor Ha Jung-woo, and actress Hwang Bo-ra have been dating for a year, their agency Fantasio confirmed Thursday.

The confirmation came shortly after a local daily reported that the two have been in a romantic relationship for a year now.

“They first met through an acquaintance at church. As they share the same religion, they have been on good terms just like other normal couples,” an official from Fantasio said.

The official added that the couple, both in their 30s, are taking the relationship seriously. “But it is premature to consider marriage,” the spokesperson said.

Hwang moved to Fantasio last June, which had already been managing Cha.

Cha, whose real name is Kim Young-hoon, is from a prominent acting family. The 34-year-old’s brother is big-name actor Kim Sung-hoon, better known as Ha Jung-woo, and his father is veteran actor Kim Yong-gon. After debuting in 1997 as a member of K-pop group Yes Brown, Cha boosted his name by appearing in various dramas and movies such as “The Neighbors” and “Perfect Game”

Hwang, four years younger than Cha, debuted in 2003. She starred has in numerous films and dramas including the MBC drama “Cunning Single Lady.”

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