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[Behind the Wheel] BMW 620GT has comfort of 7 series, upgraded features from 5 series

BMW’s 620d Gran Tourismo, the German carmaker’s new entry-level diesel variant of the 6 series, was released in the Korean market in April. 

Since then, a total of 314 cars have been sold as of the first week of July.

When the Korea Herald drove the 620d GT on the 40 kilometer route from Seoul Station to a cafe in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province, the car’s concept was distinctive -- a luxury sedan with functionality and spaciousness but still stylish in its coupe frame.  

BMW 620d GT (BMW)
BMW 620d GT (BMW)

The automaker said BMW 620d GT was manufactured based on the platform of the 7 series, meaning that it offers a large interior area. The model actually has the largest rear seat and trunk area among BMW’s all sedan lineups, with up to 1,800 liter of space available when all rear seats are folded. 

BMW’s GT series was first introduced in 2010, promoting the model as a classic, stylish coupe car which satisfies users driving on various occasions such as for business or for leisure. 

According to the carmaker, the new 6 series GT has become larger but lighter. The whole length is 5,090 millimeters, 86 mm longer than the predecessor, with the width at 1,900 mm. By lowering the car body by 34 mm to 1,525 mm, as well as applying the high-intensity materials and aluminum to the car’s chassis, the automaker decreased the vehicle’s weight to 120 kilograms.

Due to a larger but lighter body, cornering and speeding up was smooth and the car did not feel too big or heavy to drive. 

What else stood out was 620d GT’s upgraded interior and driving assistance features, which did not exist in the previous 5 series GT.

Head Up Display, active cruise control and lane keeping assist all worked well seamlessly to support driving.

The center console display area has also been revamped from the previous GT model in the 5 series to a 10.25 touch-screen display. Parking assist systems such as remote control parking was also newly added.

BMW 620d GT (BMW)
BMW 620d GT (BMW)

The new 620d GT is equipped with four-cylindered twin power turbo diesel engine, with an output of up to 190 horsepower and 40.8 kilogram-meters of torque.

The price of 620d GT is 80.3 million won ($68,206). The previously launched 630d xDrive GT Luxury, the same size model but runs on V6 diesel engine, was priced at 91.9 million won.

By Kim Da-sol (

The Korea Herald Ratings

Design: 4 stars
Fuel economy: 3 stars
Safety: 4 stars
Price: 3 stars

Overall: 14/20