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Ten TikTok-style short movies to be screened at 25th BIFAN

A scene from TikTok-style verticle horror film ”Password #2525,” directed by Bong Man-dae (BIFAN)
A scene from TikTok-style verticle horror film ”Password #2525,” directed by Bong Man-dae (BIFAN)

Global mobile video platform TikTok on Thursday announced that 10 TikTok-style short films will be screened at the 25th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, which kicked off Thursday and runs through July 18.

The short movies will be screened during BIFAN’s “Vertical Short Film Special Screening: 25” program on Sunday, following their release on the global video platform on Friday.

TikTok added that the films are edited to be three minutes long and in a vertical format to fit its mobile platform.

The film festival’s new program was created through TikTok’s special challenge campaign to support the Korean cinema industry. The campaign is part of the global platform operator’s corporate social responsibility program, “TikTok for Good.” TikTok jointly conducted the challenge on its platform with the BIFAN and the Korean Film Council, raising 50 million won ($43,700). The money was then donated to the festival organizer, which used it to create the 10 short films.

“We will continue to support the entire entertainment industry, including movies, so that vertical short-form content can expand its scope,” a TikTok official said in a statement.

All the films were created with the theme “25” to mark BIFAN’s 25th anniversary.

The films include horror film ”Password #2525” directed by Bong Man-dae, “Kill 25” directed by Woo Kang-hoon and “25-Year-Old Couple” directed by Jung Ga-young.

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